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As a first-time homebuyer, Erich skillfully navigated us through an especially tricky real estate transaction and helped me get an amazing deal! I first met Erich at an open house, and was impressed I learned something new about real estate every time we spoke. I was subsequently approved for a  first-time homebuyer program, and Erich and I began to actively look for my dream home. Erich was always prepared and worked really hard in understanding what I was looking for. We ended up being paired directly with a designated lender through my first-time homebuyer program. The snails pace of the lender introduced a lot of additional stress into the escrow process and pushed back our closing timeline to the frustration of the seller. Erich was the glue that patiently and professionally held the deal together – and, we thought it was going to fall apart at several points! He was able to successfully negotiate with all parties, and create win-win scenarios so that I got what I needed as a buyer, and the seller got his needs met as well. I really admire Erich’s dedication and honesty. I always trusted him, and felt that Erich told me the truth, even if it ran contrary to his interest. I’d highly recommend Erich to anyone looking to get a good deal in this ultra-competitive housing market!
Su M.
San Leandro, CA

I want to share a bit about my experience working with Erich Huffaker. He exceeded my expectations. While shopping around for an investment property, I met Erich at an open house in West Oakland. He took the time to help me to better understand the neighborhoods, and he gained my trust.  A few days later I met Erich at his office, and we had a great discussion.  He explained his values and priorities.  He also spent a considerable amount of time with me, patiently asking questions and really listening. He helped me to organize my priorities with regard to the type of property, price range, and neighborhood that I was looking for.  After developing a strategy that was a good fit for me, we began touring properties. I was impressed by Erich’s professionalism, market knowledge, patience and, most importantly, his integrity. I would highly recommend Erich to anyone looking for a thoughtful, knowledgeable realtor.
Joan Bayston
Danville, CA

Erich’s honesty, transparency and knowledge were immensely helpful to me in the home search process. We have been looking together in price ranges that are extremely competitive and were working with quite a few financial constraints placed on us in terms of finances. Throughout this, he was a  constant source of positive motivation throughout the ups and downs of the process. We viewed numerous houses together, read many disclosure packages and made several offers together. For every step of the way, he was well-prepared, consistently available, and helpful, giving me all the information and support I needed to make decisions. Erich is extremely patient, practical, intelligent, attentive to your needs as a buyer & always looking out for your best interests. I’d highly recommend him as a powerful positive force to anyone looking to buy or sell in today’s market.
Leah S.
San Francisco, CA

I’m a real estate investor. Erich’s perspective as a real estate consultant has been very valuable to me as I evaluate cash-flow investment properties in my home state of New Mexico. He has an eye for recognizing lucrative investments, and properties that are a great value for my money. Erich  watches the market closely and has turned me on to several properties that I’ve made offers on over the past few years. They’re usually properties that combine elements of good cash flow, together with solid neighborhoods that have growth potential – and I wouldn’t have seen them without Erich! I am currently in escrow and will be closing very soon on one such deal he alerted me to. Erich has been an invaluable help to me, not just in locating deals, but evaluating them as well. He’s shared with me a number of analytical tools that have helped me cut through the mix, and get right to evaluating certain key metrics such as Return on Investment, Cash-on-cash return, and Cap Rate. His knowledge of the transaction process has helped me meet my own needs as I work with lenders and others to meet my real estate goals. Seeing his work with potential buyers in the Bay Area, I know Erich brings this keen eye for value to every transaction that he conducts, whether in New Mexico or elsewhere. I’d wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who cares about getting the most out of their money
Aaron D
Santa Fe, NM

Erich was very helpful in helping me purchase a house in the competitive East Bay market. I highly recommend Erich, he is very knowledgable and of the highest integrity.
Rosa Tomsun
San Leandro, CA